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Here is What Our Burnout Solution Program Looks Like

Siobhan Murray, a qualified psychotherapist has developed a wonderful course to help front-line medical professionals and social workers to care for themselves. Proper self-care will allow you to feel better and re-discover your passion for work and life again.

The Burnout Solution Program is a 10-week tutor-led course, that will provide you with some practical tools and advice to help you. Here are the major headings for each week:

Week 1: Your Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Diagnostic

Week 2: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Exercises

Week 3: Pillars of Recovery

Week 4: Implementation

Week 5: Limiting Self-Beliefs

Week 6: Re-write Your Story

Week 7: Boundaries & Action Tools

Week 8: Implementation

Week 9: The Science Behind the Mind/Neuroscience & Mindset

Week 10: Future-Proofing You

For a more detailed preview, please click on the link below to hear Siobhan talk about the Program in more detail.

For more information email Michael :

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