One-Use CA Filter packs are pre-packed filters specifically designed for Harm Reduction.

Manufactured from Cellulose Acetate (CA) which is a synthetic material that helps remove much of the micro-particulate materials from liquids prior to injecting.

CA is not contaminated with spores and molds compared with naturally occurring materials such as Cotton.  This helps prevent issues for the User such as 'Cotton Fever' which is common when cotton filters are used.

One-Use CA Filters are packed in a very small plastic pack to help minimize plastic waste.

One-Use CA Filters do not remove bacteria and viruses and they should only be used once.

Storing used filters for re-use greatly increases the risk of serious bacterial infections.



One-Use CA Filter Pack

  • One-Use CA Filters are cellulose acetate filters designed for filtering drugs prior to injecting.  Cellulose acetate is an artificial material with the ability to remove mirco-particulate matter that may be present in the drug, leading to vein damage. 

    The filters are cut to 8mm in length and are large enough to filter the contents of a full cooker, normally, 3ml.

    CA filters are provided as standard in the One-Use Spoon kit but are also supplied as a stand alone pack of five filters

    ​Note - these filters do not remove virus particles or bacteria from the liquified drug.


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