One-Use Pill Crusher

  • One of the biggest problems associated with injecting pills as crushing them.  Crushing pills is difficult and the crushing process introduces an enormous amount of bacteria and moulds into the crushed pills and ultimately leads to bacterial infections for the User.

    One-Use Harm Reduction Products is pleased to announce the launch of the One-Use Pill Crusher.  The Pill Crusher is an easy-to-use tool to help crush pills hygienically. 

    The Pill Crusher is compatible with the One-Use Spoon cooker and allows the pill to be crushed to a powder without any direct contact thereby greatly reducing the potential for bacterial contamination.

    The Pill Crusher can be reused numerous times as long as the crushing part if carefully cleaned with an alcohol swab just before use.

  • The User inserts a brand new One-Use Spoon into te Pill Crusher without touching the inner surface of the Spoon. 

    The Pill should ideally be popped directly from the pill’s packaging directly onto the cooker without touching.  The pill can then be crushed by gently squeezing the handles together allowing the blades of the crusher to crush the pill into a fine powder.

    When the User is happy that the pill has been sufficiently crushed, the Spoon can be removed from the Pill Crusher and the drug prepared as normal.

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