Smoking Kit

One-Use Smoking Kit (straight pipe) is a straight, heat-proof pyrex pipe with a stainless steel wire plug and supplied in a re-usable and discrete carry case for protection.

Smoking Kit

  • Smoking drugs such as crack cocaine is prevalent when cheap cocaine is available.  Many smokers do not realise that when pipes used to smoke crack cocaine are shared, they can contain tiny droplets of blood that can contaminate the pipe from cracked or bleeding gums or lips - a common side effect of smoking drugs.

    One-Use has developed a number of products in the form of kits to allow People Who Consume Drugs to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

    Each of our kits contains a clean pyrex pipe packed inside a sturdy plastic carry box, with two coloured mouthpieces to help avoid cross-contamination and a wire gauze to keep the drug in position while it is heated.

    One-Use also provide a range of accessories for pipes. 

    Our new range of mouthpieces fit neatly and securely onto a variety of pipes and are latex-free, protecting users from burning of the lips.  We also supply them in a a range of colours to help avoid cross-contamination.

    ​Our new range of wire plugs are made from stainless steel and are a convenient tool to hold the drug in place while it is being heated up.  They are also much easier to apply to pipes that the commonly used brass screens.  These are availble in a range of sizes from 6mm to 15mm in diameter to best fit your pipe.


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