Sharps Management Program

Disposal and management of used syringes and other injecting equipment is expensive due to the hazardous nature of the waste.


Serious considerations need to be taken into account such as the legal obligations surrounding the management of the waste.


Waste legislation is based on two key foundation stones.  The first, being the 'Polluter Pays' principle obliges the generator of the waste to pay for the disposal.  The second principle, which places a 'Duty of Care' upon the waste generator to ensure that it is presented to the appropriate waste disposal site.


What this means for a Needle Exchange Facility is that this hazardous waste stream must be disposed of in a Hazardous waste facility, having been packaged in sealed sharps containers. ​


This can represent a significant percentage of the budget for a Needle Exchange facility.  Though largely unavoidable, with the correct training and practices, the costs can be optimised to ensure that the facility satisfies its legal requirements as a waste producer and its responsibilty to manage its funds correctly. ​


One-Use Harm Reduction Products can help you in this regard.  Our staff have decades of experience in working in the largest biomedical waste disposal corporation in the world and can advise and train Needle Exchange facilities on how to meet their legal obligations and help to find the best strategies to better manage this waste stream. Please contact us for more information. ​

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