Here at One-Use our story is an altogether unique one born out of a passion to make a difference.

Having witnessed first-hand the enormous impact of illicit drug use on individual’s health and the social impact within communities, I was committed to gaining a better understanding of the effectiveness of drug policies and approaches across the world. I became a passionate advocate of the policies and practices of Harm Reduction interventions.

​A meeting with one of Ireland’s Needle Exchange Programmes highlighted a significant gap in the quality of some of the consumables and the very poor levels of service. I was determined to make a difference and started on a journey that resulted in the development of a range of Harm Reduction products under the One-Use brand.


Our company has worked in partnership with Needle Exchange services in numerous countries, and the feedback from extensive trials with clients was used to perfect our product designs. It is this client based focus that allows us to continuously improve and extend our range of products which are both effective and affordable.

​Our company has grown dramatically and our Harm Reduction products are now used by Needle Exchange programs from Europe, to Canada and Africa.

We are aware of the challenges faced by the Needle Exchange programs around the world and in particular in the USA, where chronic under-funding and government failure to seriously address the issue over many years, have contributed to a lot of needless suffering.

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