One-Use CA Filter Pack


One-Use CA Filter packs are pre-packed filters specifically designed for Harm Reduction.

Manufactured from Cellulose Acetate (CA) which is a synthetic material that helps remove much of the micro-particulate materials from liquids prior to injecting.

CA is not contaminated with spores and molds compared with naturally occurring materials such as Cotton. ¬†This helps prevent issues for the User such as ‘Cotton Fever’ which is common when cotton filters are used.

One-Use CA Filters are packed in a very small plastic pack to help minimize plastic waste.

One-Use CA Filters do not remove bacteria and viruses and they should only be used once.

Storing used filters for re-use greatly increases the risk of serious bacterial infections.

Product Information

Availability: Worldwide
Pack size: 1500
Pack Quantity: 1500
Case Quantity: 1500
Pallet Quantity: 160 cases

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