One-Use Pharmacy Packs


One-Use Pharmacy Packs have been created to support Syringe Exchange Services that are operated through pharmacies. They are a convenient and discrete pack that can be handed to a person who uses drugs when they attend the Syringe Exchange Service at the pharmacy.

One-Use Pharmacy Packs contain a number of safe injecting kits that container the aforementioned products packed inside a single pack.

Our outer bags are made from a biodegradable material that breaks down after it has been exposed to water.

Kits can be designed to your specific requirements


  • OUPK1 – One-Use Pharmacy Pack 1
  • OUPK3 – One-Use Pharmacy Pack 3
  • OUPK10 – One-Use Pharmacy Pack 10


  • 1ml 29G x 0.5” Insulin Syringe
  • One-Use Spoon
  • One-Use Citric Sachet
  • Alcohol Prep Swab

These are packed in single kits and have a suitable sharps container included to store the used syringes.

Product Information

Availability: EU

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